Take Action – Make your voice heard in Parliament in support of Bill C-331

Take Action for positive change:

Make your voice heard in Parliament in support of Bill C-331

Canadian mining companies are well known around the world for their expertise. However, some have also developed a less savoury reputation for committing human rights abuses and polluting the environment when doing business abroad.

I introduced Bill C-331, a bill that would hold Canadian companies and individuals operating abroad accountable for violations of the human rights treaties and environmental agreements that Canada has signed.

There are so many ways to make your voice heard, on a personal level as well as within your community. We can’t do it without YOU!

What can you do to help to make a positive difference? Plenty! You have influence in your community, you have family and friends. You belong to groups and organizations. There are many ways you can get involved and many effective ways of communicating your concerns. See below how you can help get things done for our region and our Country and make your voice heard and your opinion known at the House of Commons.

TAKE ACTION – You can help.

  • Hold a public community meetings or events: Working with your local organizations, help organize public forums with panel discussions on issues related to corporate social responsibility and the need for legislative tools like Bill C-331, include a question-and-answer session.
  • Organize community picnics, local music concerts, art exhibit, installation/environmental art, with your neighbours to help ensure that your community is getting informed and that they have their say.
  • Invite your MP, members of civil society, organized labour, academic, business communities as well as speakers from our past conferences (link) to your area to speak on Bill C-331.
  • Contact your other local politicians via letters, emails, faxes. Let your local MLA and MPP know that you expect positive ACTION on their part.
  • Contact your local media about any activities you organize in your local community.
  • Writing letters to the editor of local and national newspapers. Voice your opinions and call attention to the issues that concern you. A letter to the Editor is another effective grassroots way of helping make your voice heard. It may also show your neighbours that they are not alone in holding an opinion, giving them more courage to speak out or take action themselves. A timely and convincing letter to the editor can also push a newspaper to give an issue-concern more or different coverage.
  • We’d like videos of you talking about how important Bill C-331 to the protection of human rights, Indigenous peoples’ rights and the environment, by holding companies to account: What is Bill C-331 Why is Bill C-331 important? Make a video with your friends and family and post it on twitter/Facebook/YouTube, embed the video on your website, “like” the video and share broadly!
  • Screen the video at your local events; include it in your local film festivals..
  • Write a letter of support: You and/or your organization are invited to write a letter in support of Bill C-331 and send it to Peter Julian’s office (Postage free – Suite 203, Wellington Building, House of Commons, Ottawa K1A 0A6)
  • Encourage local organizations, associations, companies and community groups to support our efforts to Pass Bill C-331!
  • Send us testimonials about how C-331 would impact the global south and our country positively.
  • Send us your action ideas and share photos from your community.
  • Get the latest alerts and news by email.

Email: peter.julian@parl.gc.ca

To help keep up the pressure on the Conservative government on issues and concerns you have re. Human rights and environmental violations and to help us advance our campaign, please download Peter Julian’s latest petition for Bill C-331. Then get the support of your friends, neighbours, people you work with and get them to sign the petition. When you have as many signatures as you can get, mail the petitions (postage free) to Peter’s Parliamentary Office in Ottawa. Peter would then table your petitions in the House of Commons. Click the links below to download the petition
English: Bill C-331 Petition English Français: Bill C-331 Pétition Français These public petitions are one of the most direct means for citizens to communicate with Parliament. Once your MP tables your petitions, the rules of the House require that the government reply to a petition within 45 calendar of its presentation.